Event history


November 2009

Tracey Roberts - Tracey & Hermann

The gig at Burrinja on the 17th Nov was a hoot - as always - with my fabulous jazz quartet - we even got Lok juggling which was great fun. The audience loved that!

Looking forward to working with them again soon - probably at Kinross House in Toorak at one of the next art exhibitions - more about that to come. A very exciting 2010 coming up with some interesting events. Shall keep you posted! (of course...)

photo: Lance Fishman

Also just spent a fascinating weekend with Dr. Helen Caldicott, who was involved in the CLEAN ENERGY event we (GENI: www.genifoundation.org.au) organised here in Belgrave. It was a great event (we would have liked more bums on seats but it was still not a bad turn out with some serious movers and shakers in the audience which is always good.) As the great Margaret Mead said:

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has"

Helen is an amazing woman, a truth-sayer of the highest order, and while the subject matter was depressing (exposing the dangers of nuclear power and the corporations who continue to manipulate our governments) it is critically important that we continue to lobby for nuclear disarmament and the decommissioning of nuclear power plants all over the world, otherwise we really are doomed.

Of course, as an artist and songwriter, and a mother, I have been inspired to do what I can, in my own way, and that is to write more provocative and meaningful songs to perform out there at gigs and events which highlight some of these very basic human issues, hopefully inspiring and moving people to take some action. I will choose survival over extinction any day! Too many GOOD things to live for!!! The next song already has a title and ideas are zooming around in my head as I write... SO... I'll be letting you know about that one in the next coming months too.

If you want to find out more about Dr. Caldicott please visit her website:


September 2009

The exhibition at newNorth Gallery was a great success with lots of artwork sales and a full house for the concert - in fact, the guys were a bit concerned that they might not have enough room for everyone - so that was kind of a nice problem to have...

It was certainly a wonderful experience to do a concert surrounded by my art - it felt very fulfilling. And people are still talking about what a lovely night it was and how inpressed they were with STAX on the didge and the wonderful Anthony Baker on drums - Michael got some GREAT pics of you two!

Tracey Roberts - AB Tracey Roberts - me Tracey Roberts - STAX
photos: Michael Silver

Wonderful effort all round - what lovely people to work with (and a nice little cafe underneath too!) - it's a gorgeous little gallery - well worth checking out. Friendly folks who run the place (top notch photographers and fine art printers too!) and a cosy ambience to boot. Check it out - it's wonderful. at PhotoNetw

Tracey Roberts - nngal
photos: Michael Silver (and slightly jigged - ie joined together by yours truly...)

Now on to the next one (exhibition and concert) and time to arrange a few more gigs for the summer...and so it goes!

August 2009

Tracey Roberts - the festival
The festival - Tracey Roberts
After a wee break up north again (where I worked on a REALLY BIG piece of artwork for the newNorth exhibition this month - called The festival) we got straight back into the usual routine (and of course, it felt as though we hadn't even been away). It WAS good though to get away to sunnier climes - wandering the beaches up there just makes you feel as though you can solve ALL the problems of the world...although all you're really doing is solving the issues in your OWN world...even if all it is is getting rid of the SWINE FLU!!! (What a yuk winter! No wonder people migrate up north for the middle of the year - I mean, I love an open fire, but not if you're feeling like crap all the time...)

Had a lovely gig doing the special guest spot for Dave McFarlane's CLAPTONESQUE for a Rotary Club Fundraiser at Knox Community Arts Centre when we got back. Very happy to play for a great cause - this one was to raise money to enable little kids in developing countries to have cleft palate and cleft lip operations. If we've helped even to get ONE operation to happen then it's a good thing. Thanks for the opportunity Dave and also thanks to Jordan Scotney for jumping in to play drums with us. Cheers!

Tracey Roberts - traceyCP Tracey Roberts - tracey CP2
photos: Derek Scotney

June 2009

What a lovely intense time I've had in the last few months! Open Studios in my home with all the artwork around the windows and a couple of
delightful house concerts on my beautiful grand piano - we've been wanting to do this for years... thanks to Burrinja for making it all happen and to
Dave Hicks - the wonderful drummer I performed with on both days. People loved it. Hopefully more to come!
And of course, thank you to my
beautiful husband and son who put up with all my rearrangements around the house to set everything up for 2 days of having complete strangers
(all of whom were wonderful ) wandering through our home!

The National Celtic Festival was wonderful again - as always. Congratualtions to my dear friend, Maria Forde, who launched her long awaited new CD with a few of the boys from Claymore - well done mate. And to Una - I don't know how you and your team manage to do it - every year this festival just gets better! Always great to catch up wth friends again too - punters, organisers and musos alike.

February 2009
What a horror summer. I don't pretend to know how awful it must have been for those who have lost family and friends, pets and animals, property, possessions and businesses after our blackest bushfire day of February 7. What I do know is that the anxiety around these bushfires have really taken their toll on us up here in the hills and in the bushfire-prone areas with mass evacuations and the stress around whether staying to fight is really going to work - everyone is tired and we all just want it to stop so we can get back to some semblance of order or normality. For some of course, life will never be normal again.

This morning, after another predicted fire-danger day and night with gale-force winds (March 4th) I got up early while it was still dark and I went out on my balcony to see stars and still trees and to relish fresh air and the smell of rain at LAST instead of the unnerving smell of smoke. I dare to think that we may possibly begin to move on now and recover - I hope so.

Tracey Roberts - me&STAX Tracey Roberts - riley fire Tracey Roberts - pic 1

STAX on the didge with me, Riley Jordan, what we were singing for, and a colourful punter at the CFA Bushfire Benefit gigs at Emerald.
photos: Riley Jordan and STAX

There have certainly been bushfire benefit gigs popping up all over the place as musicians realise that there IS something they can do to help those people who are displaced and still raw with shock. These have been wonderful events, moving and thoughtful, emotional and inspiring - raising considerable sums of money to assist those who have lost so much. Thank you to all those who have supported the people who need it most. Truly a time to count one's blessings.

October - December 2008

Tracey Roberts - pic 1 sfc Tracey Roberts - pic 2 sfc Tracey Roberts - pic 3 sfc
photos: Lance Fishman

Some great gigs to wrap up the year - Selby Folk Club with the fabulous STAX again.
Also sharing the stage with Kate Rowe and Bruce Watson (love this man's style and songs...) - always a delightful night.

Tracey Roberts - pic 1 Tracey Roberts - pic 2 Tracey Roberts - pic 3
photos: Kathie Bacquie

Burrinja's final folk club night for the year with Maria Forde, Cyril Moran, STAX, Dave Hicks and Phil Smith (what a HOOT
this night was - AND there were smarties! Yeah. Did a lovely intimate gig with Chloe Hall in a church with amazing acoustics
and then the final gig for the year at Wyreena with the Nightingales (with Janette Geri and Maria Forde) so lovely to be gigging
with friends and having a good time with one and all...

Oh, and in amongst all that was my first BIG gallery art exhibition at Burrinja in the Jarmbi Gallery which was a great success
and has encouraged me to do more in 2009.
You can see more info about the art work and upcoming exhibitions click here.


September 2008

Well after a little bit of a winter sojourn where I've been concentrating on producing the next batch of art pieces for my next exhibition I was
delighted to get back behind the piano again at a great little jazz festival down at Phillip Island - scored a gorgeous day, top jazz and a grand piano
at the venue too - always a bonus. They were wonderful people who looked after us, and we enjoyed, as always, the appreciative audiences
who liked what we did and bought CDs. Thank you Robin and Jill and the other organisers for your tireless efforts to put it all together - great effort.
Looking forward to doing that one again sometime.

So, onto a few weddings and other concerts (all in the gig guide) and I'm looking forward to the coming summer months and some of those
delicious summer outdoor gigs! Roll on that warmer weather...

May and June 2008

Me, Phil, Janette and STAX
photo: Rudy - the one man band!

photo: STAX

 Harmony Row and Wyreena in May - both wonderful concerts - always a pleasure working with Maria Forde and Janette Geri. Thanks Cliff and Krissy for looking after us - again.

June saw the best party weekends of winter for me - the National Celtic Festival is without doubt one of the best festivals on the
calendar - I just LOVE it that every year it seems to get better and better and there are always such lovely people there who remember
you from the year before and want to buy you a guinness or a red!

And then there was a fabulous bash at Burrinja to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Ranges Burrinja Folk Club - ooh what a night!
There were balloons, people spilling out the door, posters from all the artists over the years, delicious cake for one and all and oh yes , 10 different artists performing to boot!

...may we stay forever young..."


April 2008

A few more festivals this month including PAVE in Emerald and Mt. Beauty Muster - just gorgeous. Autumn really turned it on for
us in this beautiful part of the world and although it was cold (... actually it snowed just a bit further up the hill at Falls Creek ) we had a
really lovely time and some great gigs. Would recommend this festival to anyone - just delightful. Thanks all. ("Where's that confounded bridge?"

March 2008


Relaxing in the Green Room after the gigs...
Photo: Warren - from Claymore

 Port Fairy - oh oh ....happy happy happy...what a DELICIOUS weekend - truly a microcosm of WONDERFUL. Great gigs, great fun, lots of red, lots of laughs, not enough sleep, not enough time to see all the FANTASTIC music - we'll simply HAVE to go again...although I'd like to NOT be dripping with sweat as my fingers were slipping round the keys...HOT HOT HOT! (Still at least it wasn't us performing at WOMAD in 47 degrees - man that's scary.)

Saw some great gigs (not enough of couse - there are always so many things to do like put up posters, organise CDs, have a guinness, buy a trinket, get gear in and out of the lock up area, chat to musos you know - and some you don't - drink a glass of red, buy a dress, decide how many pakoras you can eat, drink another glass of red, decide what to wear for your next gig, wander down to the beach...ya de ya de yah...)

Spent a bit of time in the Green Room till the wee hours actually - that was great - catching up with muso mates - we don't often get to see much of each other 'cause we're always gigging! Needless to say, much red wine was consumed and much laughter and joyful conversation was shared by all...

I just loved Jon Cleary and those monster gentlemen from New Orleans, (danced the whole gig), Claymore, Eddi Reader, Tiff Eckhart, Kasey Chambers, The Topp Twins (I laughed so hard my sides hurt), The band who knew too much, Coco's Lunch...and many more in little bits and pieces. I have to say, it's very nice to be able to slide in to the backstage area of the venues and watch from there when there are thousands in the tent struggling to see from a long distance at times...performers wrist bands rock!

Apart from our gigs of course, the hightlights of the festival include partying in the Green Room, hanging out with the boys from Claymore (especially doing that Staus Quo "hair thing" on stage with Willy singing "It's a long way to the top if ya wanna rock and roll..." - he told me later that he nearly hit me in the head with his guitar - THAT would have been interesting!), rehearsing a few harmony parts on the beach by the surf club with the girls, giggling all the way back to our cottage at 4 in the morning...but the topper would just have to be Big Rory's dog pissing on Peggy Seeger's banjo! It was the funniest thing I've seen in a long, long time...

Thanks to everyone who bought our CDs. Hope we'll see you all again there sometime for another fabulous meeting of the spirits!

February 2008

Well, we're busy rehearsing our sets for Port Fairy - really looking forward to that festival - should be a hoot playing to the masses. We've also been busy in the studio recording a Nightingales EP - details soon. It's about to be mastered - and I have to say - it's sounding gorgeous!

Also a quick note to tell you that Tracey Roberts CDs are now available on CD baby - a wonderful internet based music website which is really an online record store that sells albums by independent musicians. It's very well set up and I highly recommend it - not just to people wanting to buy CDs but to all indie musicians who want to get their CD out into the big, wide world. You can google it of course to get all the goss (extra related websites) or just check it out by clicking on this link: www.cdbaby.com

Also - my website can now be accessed by the much more memorable (ie. easier to remember!) URL:


January 2008

Happy New Year to one and all. Hope your festive break was a good one.

Just had gorgeous weekend at Newstead LIVE Folk Festival - one of Andrew Pattison's gems. (Andrew is the man behind the legendary Troubadour) and had 4 lovely gigs there - three of them with John Perri on drums - man that bloke has chops! Funny - I think we stunned a few punters - they're used to laid back folk music and while we did do some of that stuff, we also threw in some quite up-tempo jazz numbers with a few drum solos to boot - it's always good to have something a bit different to the expected...love that! Still it went down well - Margaret Roadknight sat and watched a whole gig and came up to us afterwards and congratulated us on a great set so that was a nice compliment. Had great chats with other festival favourites like Doug Ashdown, Kristina Olsen, Michael Kennedy and the girls from Mad Violet (from Canada). Thank you Andrew for your entrepreneurial spirit and support for original songs and great story telling - it's much appreciated.

Now it's onto all the Jazz by the Pool gigs and of course Port Fairy and Harmony Row with Maria Forde and Janette Geri - so keep a look out for The Nightingales - 'cause we're RTF! (Ready to fly!)

December 2007
photo: Tracey Nunn
Thank you to everyone who came to the CD Launch - ooh what a night! People spilling out the door, great atmosphere, fantastic musicians - a girl can't ask for anything more! Cheryl was pretty rapt too - every table booked for dinner. Excellent. Those folk club nights are becoming huge now - the regulars will have to start booking - ha ha! Thanks too to those of you who bought CDs - great. And to the wonderful musicians who played so beautifully with me up there on stage (Phil, Janette, Lok, John and STAX) - you guys are legends.

And now towards Christmas - a few more gigs to go before a few festive weeks off - then we start with the festivals and the jazz by the pool gigs again for the summer - always fun. Just love seeng little kids running around as their parents tap their feet to some pool-side jazz and smiling as their five year olds come up to us and ask us to play something by the Wiggles...great.

I want to thank you all for your support throughout the year - I look forward to more great gigs and I wish you peace and happiness in 2008.

November 2007

Well I've had quite a bit of time off doing gigs (on purpose) - nicked off up north and got myself into some artwork (musically oriented of course...) - I'm having my first art exhibition - very exciting. To see the prints - click here.


And finally, the Parallel Universe CD is ready. And - da dah...it's being packaged as I type this so it's on its way. Ya HOOO! I'll be launching it at Burrinja in a few weeks and I'm really looking forward to that. There'll be a few jam-style gigs between now and then at Phil Smith's Bell Tavern Open mike nights at Bells Tavern up in Belgrave - please see the gig guide for details
click here for gig guide.

Got into a few festivals too next year so I'm a bit stoked about that including Port Fairy, Mount Beauty and Newstead. Looking forward to those...hope to see some of you lot there!

June 2007
photo: John Weeks

The National Celtic Festival at Portarlington ROCKS! It would truly have to be one of the best festivals on the calendar. And The Nightingales filled both venues with several hundred people - can you tell how much of a good time we had!? Thanks Una. Fantastic. And the grand piano was well appreciated also. Good to launch the new EP too.

The June Wyreena concert was wonderful again with Maria Forde then a bit of a sabbatical till September finishing off the CD and preparing for the launch in November.

May 2007

Hasn't the rain been wonderful! We folk up here in the fire-prone hills are particularly relieved. Rain on!

I've been intensely working on the new album getting through it (most studio albums are certainly not overnight jobs!) hence the lack of info here in the last few months - it's going really well though and we're getting there - getting down to the business end of the project now which is great and it's getting exciting. I can finally see the light at the end of the studio tunnel - Halleluijah! One thing that came out of it is the fact that there we recorded so many songs and there's not enough space on a CD to put them all so I'll be putting out an extra EP at some stage called After the Wave so watch out for that one.

I also had the pleasure of doing a few gigs with Michelle Chandler at the PAVE Festival this year - and a beautiful song was born out of this collaboration - watch out for it on the new CD (it's called Grandpa's Watch) - it's very special. Enough said.

March was full of festivals - did The Basin Festival again - this time to a full house at the Oak Tree Tavern - a particularly special gig for me as my Mum was down from up north and my sisters were there too so I got 'em up on stage to do backing vocals with me on a few songs - there you go Mama - all your girls on stage at once. We all smiled for hours afterwards!


Wine Women and Song was another lovely thing that happened in March - I decided I wanted to do something for International Womens Day so I put the idea of a concert to Skeet at the AZTEC Bar and two other wonderful singer-songwriters friends of mine - Michelle Chandler and Janette Geri. Basically the idea was to celebrate women with a concert including women singers. We did the gig at the AZ with the usual suspects, John and Phil and STAX, and packed the joint out so we're planning more of these gorgeous events which will hopefully become an on-going part of the musical feast in my calendar! Keep checking out the gig-guide for details.


February 2007

Been doing quite a few Jazz by the Pool gigs this summer which has been fantastic - really laid back and casual days playing original music and jazz standards along with a selection of pop tunes (some of which I havent played in years) imposed with my own jazz-infused style of course. What I love most about these gigs is that I can invite people of all ages to come along (from little kids to Grandfolk) and it's usually sunny - the kids can play in the pool (big kids too) and we can watch all the antics while we sing away and create a really cruisy, fun atmosphere. Love it. Thank you to the YMCA for continuing to book us!

January 2007

Happy New Year!

Here we go again...summer is WELL upon us - including these ripper, scorching days, hailstorms and bushfires. Gotta love living in the hills in Melbourne!

After the mad December rush and spate of pre-Christmas gigs (including a DELICIOUS concert with Chloe Hall at Wyreena and a HUGE Halftone Records Christmas bash at the AZ) there are now quite a few Jazz by the Pool gigs coming up again for the summer - they're always fun - check out the gig guide. If you've been talking about getting to see us at a gig and haven't because of the kids - these are ideal gigs to bring them along to...especially with this hot, swimming weather! But if you're into city clubbing at night instead, there's a good one coming up in Brunswick ( Wednesday 24th January ) to check out as part of the Melbourne's Songwriters Showcase run by Alex Legg. Good on you Alex. We need more movers and shakers like you mate. He'll be up first, then us (me and Johnny) and then Geoff Achison - so that looks like it's going to be a treat - and free too! Come on down!

  Some sad news - Gary Costello, one of our fabulous double bass players, suddenly died in December. One of the most moving services I have ever been to and I don't think I've EVER seen such a huge gathering of the cream of Melbourne's musicians in one place before. So that was special too - for many reasons. It was actually really nice to catch up with a whole lot of musos I haven't seen or played with for ages. Gary was one of the music industry's true gentlemen - a beautiful man and an exquisite performer. I feel very privileged that he was happy to perform with me over the years and that he was looking forward to recording my songs on the new album. I, along with many, many others, shall miss him dearly.
Recording has taken a bit of a back seat actually (Christmas, family visits and trips to the beach etc) but we're getting back into it after the Australia Day weekend. Had a rehearsal yesterday which got me fired up again so that's healthy. Roll on Parallel Universe! (Now THAT's a trippy image!)

Hope to see you at a gig soon.

November 2006
photo: Christine Rickard
And so...the Nightingales are born. The gig at Burrinja was just fantabulous - had a full band line-up with a surprise extra on the night in the form of the excellent Steve Welch on guitar. John Perri and Phil Smith were outstanding on the drums and bass as always. STAX on didge did his thang...wonderful stuff. Great turn out to fill the upstairs room at the venue and I think it will lead to more things. Exquisite harmonies - always a pleasure singing with the gorgeous Maria Forde and Janette Geri. There are a bunch of pics on my gallery page...courtesy of Willem Oudyk, Christine Rickard and John Weeks (Photos © J. WEEKS, Spectrum FM Radio 2006). Thanks guys for taking the pics - great memories. Thanks also to Phil Dee and Steve Wickenton for making us sound crystal clear and to AJ for the lights, MC-ing, PR and unbridled enthusiasm. All up - great memories from a fabulous night.

September / October 2006

Been a little bit quiet as I've been busy record my new CD - it's coming along nicely - apporaching the halfway mark now. The songs are shaping up well and I've made a few decisions along the way about some that will simply have to wait until the next album! There are always too many good songs to lay down and only so much space on a CD...that's life. Although, having said that, these days it's easy to put down heaps of songs and get them out there one at a time through the net and places like CD Baby, I-tunes and Halftone Records of course! Not to mention getting them into song competitions and to A&R people via international organisations like TAXI (based in the US). Ahhh, the changing face of the record industry. It's never been easier or harder to be an independent musician! Work that one out - ha ha.

Here are a few pics from the AZTEC again - had a great night there on the 25th October - record crowd for a Wednesday night so that was good. John, my drummer, rang up that afternoon to say he was crook and couldn't play but he organised the fabulous Fallon Williams to fill in for him and MAN, did the place rock! Thanks Fallon. And of course, Phil Smith played bass with great prowess, Janette Geri did some beautiful BVs as always and Stax did his didge thing again wonderfully. Thanks mate for always stepping in so graciously and playing so magnificently with a couple of the tunes.

photos: Phil Smith and Janette Geri

August 2006

Busy month again - a triple birthday bash at DIZZY's jazz bar - big success - thanks to everyone involved. Three great concerts with Maria Forde - as always - one at Albert Park Lake at Cliff Ellery's Port Lounge, another sold-out one in Hepburn Springs Hotel and one up my way here at Marybrooke - beautiful. Also, some funny, stressful stuff happening on the way to all three - taking a few wrong turns, busting guitar strings and trying to buy black tights after a laddering emergency!

And of course, another great night at the AZTEC was had by all on the 23rd. Had John Perri on drums and Phil Smith on bass again with a special appearance by STAX on didge. Janette Geri sang some gorgeous harmonies with me again...that place is really cooking now on Wenesday nights thanks to the AZTEC and the efforts of Phil Smith at Halftone records. Well done guys. We'll be back there again on October 23rd. Here are some pics...

Tracey Roberts
photos: Phil Smith and Janette Geri

We're well into the recording now of the new album - putting down all the guide tracks and getting the drum and bass parts down - all the backbone stuff. It's going well and I'm enjoying the challenge - it's really stimulating to be thinking about all the possible musical arrangements without falling into the trap of over-producing. It's interesting dissecting the songs into parts and remembering that my piano hands are usually playing three or four different "musical instruments" within a piece of music in a live context - splitting them into their individual components for studio recording and playing them differently or not even at all is proving to be a lot of fun and sometimes quite a task! Brave or mad? Ha ha.

July 2006

Tracey Roberts
photos: Christine Rickard

Yet another WONDERFUL sold-out concert at WYREENA for their Winter Festival on the 14th - Maria and I always love doing that one. Thanks to Chris for the wonderful range of pics - here are some above - and again to Chrissy and Kate and Deb and the girls in the cafe at Wyreena for making it such a great night again. Looks like there may well be a CD launch there for us next year. Yes, as fate would have it, we both go into our respective recording studios to start work on our new albums THIS WEEK. Hurrah!


Tracey Roberts Tracey Roberts
photos: Janette Geri

Had a great night at the AZTEC Bar for the Halftone Records Showcase on the 5th with John Perri on drums (what a DYNAMO!) and Phil Smith on bass, with special guests, Alex Legg on guitar / vox, Janette Geri and Beck Sian on backing vocals and STAX on the didge - what a great bunch of support! And friends to boot. Wonderful. Looking forward to doing it all again - on August 23rd to be exact! Check out my gig guide upcoming events and www.halftonerecords.com for further details.

Halftone Records has been busy sending out the sampler CD and researching radio markets with dogged persistence, as the bottom line to which all musicians aspire is loads of airplay. The sampler has had some airplay on RRR and PBS in Melbourne, and Canadian radio has expressed some interest. Europe, and North America is next!

The gig at the Atrium Bar at Crown was a hoot - what a happening vibe there! Lots of interesting people - all ages, all types, amazing outfits and hairstyles (!!!) and lots of gold stuff everywhere. Ahhh - Casinos...Great that a few friends came by as well - lots of amazing dresses (and pink bags) from the HUGE corporate function upstairs - a veritable cocktail of folk folks! Nice to rock up to a gig that already has a grand piano, PA and a sound guy to go too. Excellent. Love to do it again - naturally details will be on the upcoming events page on this site.

AND - as of today, 10th July, I have finally found the place where I am going to record the new album. Halleluijah! Southern Cross Studios is the go - Paul Strahan is the recording engineer - he produced Beck Sian's CD Unfurling - BEAUTIFUL album - great production. She's off to London to visit her cousin, Kate Bush, and become famous. SO it's all looking good and I will be in the studio and starting the recording in earnest this month. At LAST. I'm REALLY excited about this - it's going to be a WONDERFUL experience. Yay!

June 2006

 Playing MC... and just playing. photos: Pam Lyons

Me, Maria, Lillian and Sile.
photo: Christine Rickard

The National Celtic Festival at Port Arlington was absolutely wonderful this year again, doing a bit of MC work and perfoming with Maria Forde and friends plus a few other notable folk / rockers in the Celtic scene in the fabulous Hush for the Singers concert on the Sunday night.

What a great festival! I highly recommend it - it's well organised, in a beautiful spot near the sea, the music is fabulous, the food and festival stalls are wonderful and the town really rocks for three days and three nights - well worth the visit.

And the misty mornings provided such a mysterious, celtic atmosphere, it was perfect. Especially when I spotted the old sailing ship pulling away from the docks into the misty, grey sea - truly a jaw-dropping moment.

I stayed with a lovely host family who really looked after me well (even after coming in to their quiet house in the wee hours of the morning after partying in the pub sessions - now I really know what good CRAIC means - ha ha.)

Thanks to those of you who bought CDs and for coming along and to all involved for organising such a great event.

May 2006

Spent a fabulous few days up in goldmine territory doing a concert with Maria Forde at the Pig and Whistle Pub in East Trentham - again the venue sold out with a wonderful bunch of people - great energy and warmth on an ARCTIC night! Good food, good folk - GO there if you're up that way. It's a real gem of a place in the middle of nowhere!

A few private gigs this month but an interesting situation arose about a month ago when Southern Television approached me to record a few songs and do an interview for one of the TV programs on Channel 31 so I'll be heading off to the Drum theatre in Dandenong to play their Steinway and sing a few tunes and do an interview which will subsequently go to air in the next few months! Shall keep you posted.

April 2006


Had a lovely gig at the Basin Festival and sang a few songs with Maria Forde and Janette Gei as well at the Acorn on Forrest - lovely little venue.

My first experience at The National Folk Festival was great - what a feast of colour, fun, music, art, food, entertainment and all the rest! The gig at the Troubadour Tent on the Saturday was gorgeous - I hooked up with Maria again who also happened to be up there - so we ended up doing that gig together - lovely as always. Thanks again Andrew for the invitation to play. A pleasure indeed.

I checked out the inaugural Rock 'n' the Bush festival in Hoddle's Creek the other day (8,9 April) - looks like I might be playing there next year, so that's another one to put in the calendar - what a great venue! A couple of nicely treed farm paddocks with stage tents and stalls - fantastic musicians like Ross Wilson, Renee Geyer, Deb Conway and Steven Cummings and the venues / gear / facilities looked really good - well thought out for a first festival - congratulations to the team. VERY nice to see a grand piano in the middle of the sticks! Well done.

Also, the little town of Emerald hosted the PAVE Festival (Performing And Visual arts in Emerald) so a few pleasant little cafe gigs there.


Did the HALFTONE RECORDS CD Launch gig at the AZTEC Bar - well done Phil. What a superb batch of talent in one venue on one evening! Here's yours truly boogying it with Phil Smith and Fallon Williams. Hopefully it's the beginning of something big as the sampler CD finds its way to international shores. See their wesite for the pics of the gig: www.halftonerecords.com

photo: Janette Geri

 Tracey Roberts - promo

The gig at Burrinja went well - filled the place and jazzed it up to the max - a great night had by all. Thanks to my marvellous jazz musos, Lachlan Davidson, Gary Costello and John Perri, the musicianship was superb and made it really easy to "get cookin'..."

Thanks also to the Free Press Leader newspaper for the front page article and pic - got some extra folk in as a result too. Good for all concerned.

photo: Thea Wobbeking

March 2006

Well...here it is! I've just decided it's about time I started a kind of gig-diary/comments page so people know what's going on in my musical life.

I'm nearly finished putting together the selection of songs for the new album and I'm currently looking around for a studio to record it in that suits on many levels (and one which has a grand piano would be nice too - ha ha...). SO the recording is imminent. Yay!

  The LIVE at DIZZY's CD is getting a good rap all round - something a bit different to the studio albums with a LIVE sound and the jazz quartet. People are enjoying the energy of the album and even the fact that there are some well known jazz standards too so that's all good.

ALSO - I've just signed on with the HALF-TONE RECORDS Galaxy of Stars - with other outstanding artists like Neil Quinlan, Janette Geri, Phil Smith and Michelle Chandler amongst others - so THAT'S very exciting - we'll be launching the CD at The AZTEC Bar in Belgrave, VIC on April 26th for fans and music industry people alike so hopefully more will come of that. Good on you Phil for getting that up and running. Check out their website - there's some great adult contemporary music which can be downloaded for only $2 a song! (including the LINK and LIVE at DIZZY's CDs). www.philsmith.net.au/phils_productions

Got a few great gigs coming up soon with the combo - see the upcoming events page: upcoming events - one up in the hills at BURRINJA and one in the city at DIZZY's again so that should cater well to the local and city fans alike...really looking forward to these two as I'll be sounding out a few new songs with the boys and getting a feel for how the arrangements can work for the next CD. They are SUCH magnificent musicians, it's bound to be wonderful - whatever they do!

Looking forward to seeing you there.


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