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Tracey Roberts - Play Me (Blu ray)

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Tracey Roberts - Play Me via Bitcoin

New Blu-Ray of the PLAY ME concert

This is primarily a high-quality audio product with a visual component - it is a very fine recording of the concert at LIVE at Baker Street in July 2013 where I played a 30 minute instrumental improvisation on the grand piano in the magnificent 33and1/3 Amphitheatre. We have called this piece (and the whole concept of improvised piano music) "PLAY ME". The second half of the concert comprised smaller 1-2 minute improvs inspired by suggestions from the audience, and this Blu-ray contains 6 of the best of those too. There are interviews about the concert (both the 30-minute pieces and the shorter improvs ) and also a segment where I describe selected pieces of artwork and I explain my music-colour synesthesia, what it means to me and how I use it to create my music and my art.

and her latest CD Shades of Blue OUT NOW .......

This album presents new original songs plus a few favourite jazz and folk standards...a very laid back,
classy CD with just vocals and the gorgeous, rich textures and colours of the full-length Steinway grand piano.

“When she plays the piano and sings, it just fits together like a glove.”
Michael Crichton, 3WBC 94.1 FM

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Tracey Roberts is one of the rare breed of singer-songwriter-pianists whose emotive and stylish performances consistently hold audiences spellbound - a gifted, "all-rounder" who often defies categorisation, such are her diverse capabilities.

Along with her experience performing in a wide variety of musical genres, she combines her smooth, clear, lilting vocals with her versatile and sensitive piano playing and richly poetic lyrics to create melodic arrangements of beautiful, original songs. Her music is a fusion of adult-contemporary, jazz-infused soul, pop and folk, with hints of blues, classical and Celtic influences ... and there’s always some surprising quirky cabaret stuff with spontaneous anecdotes and commentary thrown into the mix ... an entertaining, class act.

Her vocals are smooth, warm and eloquent, a dynamic voice ranging from full-on blasts to a delicate whisper - coupled with her melodic songs and comical anecdotes and spontaneous commentary, her theatrical performances are delivered with a passion and energy that totally captivates her listeners.

With over 20 years of musical experience and touring internationally, she has recorded 8 CDs, a Blu-ray, done TV appearances and countless radio interviews, and performs regularly at concerts and festivals as well as private and corporate events. Her ability to improvise and easily harmonise and accompany other singers and musicians is also exceptional and she often performs in various collaborations with other artists in both live and recording contexts.

Some of the career highlights include doing the support for Arlo Guthrie's Australian Tour in the early 80s at The Dallas Brooks Hall, performing at the Anton Philipzaal in The Netherlands in 1994, the cabaret shows and piano bars in the Sheraton hotels in Delhi and AGRA in India in 1988, the Grand Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden in 1991 and in front of 15,000 people at the Monash Carols by Candlelight a few years ago as well as being a solo vocalist for the Nicholas Chamber Orchestra...oh yes, and a fancy dress NYE bash at a nudist colony on the Murray river near Echuca! ( body paint and accessories is the answer to your question! )

She recently recorded her 10th CD on the magnificent Steinway full length grand piano at Burwood Music Centre on Melbourne, Australia.


Tracey sings not only as a solo artist. The different musical groups she performs in combine her lyrical vocals and jazz-infused piano playing style with some of Melbourne's most talented and highly professional musicians.

All of these combinations of performers create a great atmosphere with their respective passionate styles, musicality and
cheerful personalities.
Tracey chooses the musicians to perform with depending on the nature and genre of the performance and concert.


The Tracey Roberts Quartet

is a joyful and vibrant jazz-folk-funk combo - with eloquent vocals, lyrical songs - both original and restylised jazz standards, much merry-making and experienced and polished musicianship. Accompanying her melodic, sophisticated vocals and tastefully executed jazz-infused piano playing are 3 accomplished jazz musicians - Robert Mercer on drums, Andy Eames on bass and Jon Magill on horns / percussion. A class act.





Herft, Geri, Roberts & Smith

is a folk-soul-Celtic combo comprising Suzette Herft, Janette Geri, JoJo Smith & Tracey Roberts - 4 outstanding singer-songwriters, combining beautiful songs sung in the round with some seriously good "off-the-cuff" accompaniment, great musicianship and exquisite harmonies along with some humourous ad-lib banter in between. For bookings please contact Pam Lyons Management.




Tracey Roberts and Bruce Watson Duo

Bringing together two of Melbourne's best songer-songwriter-performers

Bruce is a favourite at music festivals all over Australia and is one of this country's best song writers – a wordsmith who writes and performs with humanity, heart and humour. With his wide knowledge of historical events and strong sense of social justice, he will have you wowing at his linguistic prowess, shedding a tear at his poignant pieces and laughing your head off at some of his musical and lyrical antics. Always a colourful performance.

Tracey is a warm, smooth, eloquent singer, a gorgeous pianist, and a passionate and captivating performer. She has played in many concerts and festivals, internationally, in Australia and her beloved Dandenong Ranges with a variety of musicians and musical genres, predominantly jazz-infused folk. With story songs both true and concocted (sometimes in cheeky, bizarre and twisted ways) she is an entertaining, class act.

They perform a mix of their well known original songs along with a tasty selection of new numbers. Their performances have included Melbourne's iconic Boite, Ranges Concert Lounge, Wyreena and the Maldon Folk Festival.

Alternating their songs, they accompany each other, harmonise, laugh a lot and make really beautiful music together.














Tracey has performed with Lachlan Davidson / Tony Buchanan / Jon Magill on saxes, Gary Costello / Leon Heale / Hermann Schwaiger / Paul Bonnington / David Krycer on double bass, Phil Smith / Mike Mathews on electric bass, STAX on didge and Rob Mercer / David Hicks / Anthony Baker / Zoltan Almady / John Perri and Jordan Scotney on drums. She has also performed many times with vocalist-musicians JoJo Smith, Maria Forde, Janette Geri, Suzette Herft, Bruce Watson, Michelle Chandler, Riley Jordan, Chloe Hall, Dave McFarlane, Christina Green and Cathy Dobson - all brilliant singer-songwriter guitarists in their own rights ) - as well as the wonderful percussionist / vocalist Neesy Smith and US singer CJ Donovan.


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