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PANGAEA Productions - Promoting events in the realm of performing and visual arts

Pangaea Productions is about developing awareness, understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity through the celebration of the performing and visual arts. We produce music and art based events and provide publicity, illustration and graphic design and web design services.

In addition to Tracey's concert performances and art exhibitions, she contines to record CDs and produce new series of fine artworks and has done several art commissions for clients wanting that uniquely special piece of personlised art.

We can also recommend quality musicians and entertainers for a wide variety of events, and we provide a creative, fast and reasonably priced illustration and graphic design service, primariy for (but not limited to) musicians and artists to assist with their promotional material including CD artwork, posters, art cards, flyers, web graphics etc.

Pangaea Productions also co-founded the MoonGlow Concert Series - A Celebration of Women Singer-Songwriters - held at one of Melbourne's most prestigous venues, Chapel Off Chapel, and has also been heavily involved with publicity for music events associated with Ranges Concert Lounge, Burrinja Cafe and LIVE @ Baker Street.


Pangaea (pronounced Pan-gay-a) is the name given to the single land mass which existed about 245 million years ago before the shifting of the continental plates. There were no borders. The environment was natural, untouched and everything could grow freely without interference.

Over many years, we have experienced a lot of countries as both travellers and temporary residents. We worked hard in our respective fields - Willem as a software and hardware computer specialist and sound technician and Tracey as a performing and visual artist, music agent, graphic designer and illustrator. 

Travel ensured that we became very aware of the environmental issues all around us. It also created opportunities for us to observe and learn about other people and their cultures. We noticed that human beings of all ages are essentially the same, regardless of race, colour or creed, but many have a built-in tendency to treat 'the unknown' with caution. This often translates into the formation of protective groups displaying defensive behaviour, including fear and aggression which, we know from history, is ultimately destructive.

We began to realise that we wanted to do something with this valuable information and our experiences and decided that education through the performing and visual arts would be a wonderful way in which people could be presented the opportunity to broaden their understanding of other cultures without having to travel too far from home. Cultural borders are not so much barriers as gateways to new and enjoyable experiences. We, as human beings, often get caught up in our own little radii and need to be reminded of this notion. \

"Art is what makes life beautiful, music the language to tear down the walls."
blank text blank text Lyrics from the song "SNAP" by Tracey Roberts


Our Spaceship Earth, as Buckminster Fuller once called it, needs attention. The world's populations are growing but the earth is not. In fact, it's getting smaller as the seas rise - it is imperative that we live in closer harmony as we are forced to live closer together. If you would like to learn more, we suggest you visit the following site: or visit the Buckminster Fuller Institute itself at

Today, we are finally taking steps to learn about each other. Educational programs have been implemented which are designed to introduce adults and children to the history and traditions of neighbouring and indigenous cultures. This engenders mutual respect and understanding which is productive and beneficial to us all. 

Our desire is to present music and artwork and help to promote events / concepts with an appreciation and understanding of the diverse cultures which make up our world. Education is and must be the vehicle for improvement. Our environment is special and needs care and preservation. Pangaea is about appreciation of the performing and visual arts and respect for each other, all forms of creativity and preserving the beautiful environments in which we live.

 Tracey Roberts - gaea
Pan is from the Greek meaning "all", and Gaea is the Greek goddess of the Earth.

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