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Tracey Roberts does commissioned artwork for clients. This is customised, personal artwork and typically involves a discussion with the client about what they want, who and what it's for and what colours, style, objects, symbols or elements are desirable in the piece - this is usually done over a coffee (or wine...) with much laughter, joy and excitement as the reality of creating something artistic from something very personal reveals itself. It can be that very special present or memory or even investment piece, and either a limited edition print or a one-off.

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Your Story in Art

"Your Story in Art" is a concept developed around creating a visual depiction of your own personal story encapsulated in a piece of unique art... a wonderful gift for someone for a significant birthday or event, perhaps for the "person who has everything", or a work colleague who is leaving and everyone can pitch in ... or it can be just for yourself. Something to look at everyday which is about everything you are, everywhere you've been and even where you want to go!

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I love doing commissioned pieces - it brings such pleasure to all concerned. It's quite a privilege to be privy to information about someone's life and then create a really unique and beautiful piece of art for them. It's also lovely to do something meaningful for people that makes them smile and feel good about themselves and what they've achieved.

Some Commissioned pieces and testimonials...

Most of these pieces below are 1 metre high - they look stunning on a wall like that - BIG artwork has a GREAT impact!




Tracey's work is so beautiful that I asked her to create a commissioned piece for me depicting my journey through a certain period of my life. The result blew me away. I love it and treasure it. Visitors to my home are blown away by its vibrancy and depth.

If you have a personal story or journey that is meaningful to you, my message to you is to contact Tracey for a chat. She is so intuitive and beautiful to work with. Charles and I love her work so much we now have 3 pieces and have gifted one to our beautiful friend Kelli Stevens.

I just love it! ... it's exactly me!

Julie Parker, Dental Manager

We called this piece "Bloom".



I’m thrilled to have this Tracey Roberts original taking pride of place on my wall. It’s all about ME! I’m sure it will become a talking piece in my family as the years pass and I can imagine future generations gazing at it in wonder, trying to understand who and what I was about. 

You have captured the essence of me in brilliant fashion! 
Thankyou my dear friend.

Lyn Phelan, Pharmacist (living with GBM - GlioBlastoma Multiforme, the most aggressive form of malignant brain cancer in humans.)

We called this piece "Outrunning the Reaper".




When it comes to my music album artwork, I am very particular about it. After all, it is something that people can associate with the music in the album. For all of my releases before "Four Seasons  Suite", I always used the works of professional photographers. For once, I wanted to hire another professional visual artist whose work I could use as my album artwork, but this time, not a photograph.   

I saw Tracey's works exhibited at a concert venue where I was doing a gig, and they caught my attention. Later, when it came to the time to start working on the artwork, I thought, "Why don't I have something like this as my album cover illustration?" I envisaged it as a result of Tracey visually responding to my musical suite, without me giving very specific directions. I was pretty much in surprise-me mode.   

When I saw even the first draft, I was already thrilled. I was not surprised that it was beautiful, but I was surprised that my music could inspire someone else to produce such a beauty. I was, and I still am so happy that Tracey was keen to become part of my project. Thank you Tracey!"

Ade Ishs - Jazz musician / composer

This piece is the album cover for the Ade ishs "Four Seasons Suite" released in 2014 recorded at Baker Street Studios, Melbourne.

Also available as a limited edition print.
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To have a listen to some of the music that inspired this artwork, and to purchase the album, "Four Seasons Suite" please click here (



Tracey Roberts - Commission LindabbLinda

I really am just so happy with what you have done, it is hard to express fully what the feeling of having a personalized artwork is like - it’s unique, it’s mine, it’s yours - because you did it - but it’s also something you just have to share. You want others to share your enjoyment, and from the reaction, that's what's happening.

I think it would be fantastic to have the pic out there for all to see. I am very proud of my girl and recognition of her talents is something that she deserves as does the recognition of your talent in being able to produce such a great piece of art.

And I can imagine others saying, “I want you to do one for me”.

It’s different to portrait painting, this art is abstract and shows flair, it depicts the personality of the performance and you cannot mistake who it’s about. So far everyone who has seen it starts with a ‘gasp’ and I believe is captivated by the absolute brilliance of the colours and flamboyance of Linda.

I am so glad I asked you to undertake this work and that you agreed to do it. THANKYOU.

Ron Caffyn, singer (who surprised his girlfriend, Linda O'Brien)

Also available as limited edition prints and art cards.
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I LOVE it - it looks great - thank you SO much. Your talent has made something so special and memorable for us as a couple, completing our portrait gallery! l can't wait to see the look on his face and then to see them both hung alongside one another.

Linda OBrien, pianist (who then surprised her boyfriend back! )

Also available as limited edition prints and art cards.
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WOW! Our own personal piece of art...

Martin Hall, Heart Surgeon


We called this piece "Hallways".

sams kicking goals

Sam LOVED it...

Client who organised a group of friends to pitch in for a 21st birthday present



Other comments...

Brilliant work Tracey, love what's on your mind ... JoJo Smith, musician and recording artist

When I look at Tracey's art I feel as if I am diving into magic. Artwork of this nature is powerful and healing. It reminds me of the beauty and gifts that are alive and surrounding me through sounds, colour and shapes – environment, human and beyond. Simone Fitzgerald, clothes designer

... I'm just blown away... Tess de Bruin, nurse

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